Crystals Structure Healing

An exciting addition to the traditional homoeopathic remedies is Gemstone or Crystal Homoeopathic remedies. The gemstone remedies are made using the traditional homoeopathic preparation which opens up the full potential of the healing properties of the gemstone.

Rochelle has been using these remedies successfully for many years in her practice and has given workshops in Egypt on their wonderful healing properties. They are useful in helping a wide range of emotional and spiritual issues in a gentle but deeply effective way.

What are the  Gemstone or Crystal Homoeopathic remedies and how do they work ?

Whether we are experiencing just physical symptoms or emotional or both it is an opportunity to discover what needs to be healed within us.

Our life force is energy and when this energy is flowing freely we are in harmony with our mind and body and soul. We feel happy, energetic and have a life direction and purpose.When energy is not flowing freely we will feel all sorts of physical and emotional symptoms such as insomnia, lack of energy, digestive problems, aches and pains from tension, stress overload, sadness, and anger.

The list of symptoms can be long and varied. Each of these symptoms express a general lack of free flowing vitality in a life force but you will have symptoms that are very specific to you. Your symptoms won’t always be the same as another persons. So you will need a specific solution that addresses the cause of your energy blockage.

The crystal remedies are made into an energetic form, which is both gentle, safe and enables us to remove any blockage of our life force. The crystal remedies take us on a journey of healing and discovery helping us to heal deep seated emotional and health issues.

Dreams allow us to directly communicate in an uncensored way with our subconscious. When we take note of our dreams and the information they are relaying to us we are able to see what it is in us that needs to be healed.   The Crystal remedies often promote vivid dreams and help bring to light this information, which allows healing to take place.

Some of the beautiful Crystals or Gems that have been transformed into Homoeopathic remedies.