About me

Rochelle is a Homoepath and Holistic Health Consultant who offers over 30 years of experience in energetic health.

Her first experience of energy medicine was Homoeopathy. While working as an Operating Theatre Nurse, Rochelle underwent many knee operations herself. She wanted to find something to help with her joint pain that was safe, effective and had no side effects. She found Homoeopathy which she found to be so effective that is it inspired a change of career. She studied for four years to become a qualified Homoeopath.

Rochelle has continued to study many new and old forms of energetic medicine including:

Homoeopathic Gem Remedies

Meditation and Shamanic Energy healing

Australian Bush flowers, Bach Flowers and Herbs

Light Mandala Bio – Feedback Technology

Rochelle consults at Ocean Grove, Victoria.
To book for an appointment with Rochelle

or make an enquiry about any of her services.
Please phone : 0400823456 or

E-mail: rohatzi@bigpond.com

Facebook : Rohatzi – Energetic Health

Skype consultations available by appointment.