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METANOIA- The journey of changing one’s mind, heart ,self or way of life

Energy Sprays

A quick and effective way of clearing energy whether it be your personal energy or that of a space is to smudge it.

This involves burning Sage or other cleansing dried plants or wood such as  Palo Santo. 

It is not always possible or convenient to smudge using the burning method. Rochelle had developed Energy Sprays which can be used to clear your personal energy field or used as a room spray..

The Smudge Spray contains

Palo Santo Oil, Lavender Oil, White Sage and Himalayan Salt infused water. It has a beautiful aroma  and the cleansing ingredients when combined enable you to have a quick and effective method of Energy clearing.

This is the first of a range of Energy Sprays ,  also available custom made Gem Essence and Essential Oil Sprays.

Rochelle has also studied Shamanic Energy healing for many years – It has much to offer to help us reconnect with Nature and our true energetic Nature.

There are many techniques in Shamanism for helping clear our energy field to maintain health and well being.


Meditation is a valuable way of making space in our busy lives to reconnect with ourselves and give ourselves the gift of peace and healing time.

Rochelle has studied, practices and teaches meditation.

She runs Mindful meditation classes at the Ocean Grove Community Hub

see their website for details

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